Volunteer Schedule

Week of February 18, 2018:

Welcome Center – David Bledsoe

Door Greeters – Sheila Clawson #1, Alyene Griffin #2

Nursery – Steve & Paula Owens, Laura Miller, Sherri Spears

Children’s Worship – Jennifer Hubbs

Deacon Team – Tim Reeves, Barry Spears, Steve Workman

Safety Team – am: Clay Segers, Feb. 21: J.L. Price

February 25, 2018

Welcome Center – Sheila Clawson

Door Greeters – Robin Spradlen #1, Elaine Shipe #2

Nursery – Landon Hill, Kim Davis, Sherry Vermillion

Children’s Worship – Olivia Hill

Deacon Team – Doug DeFord, Landon Hill, Kenny Miller

Safety Team – am: Gary Spradlen, pm: Chris Hickman, Feb. 28: David Bledsoe

Anyone interested in volunteering to any of our ministries, please contact church office at 865-689-5416.  We could certainly use your help!