Youth Ministry (422)

Vision РTo be a student ministry that maximizes opportunities to impact students in an atmosphere that encourages personal growth, discovery and teaches them how to model their Christian faith.  To identify, train and support student leaders who will assist in the mission of the student ministry program.

Mission Statement – To lead students to a genuine faith in Jesus Christ, by encouraging them to cultivate and grow that faith making it their own, and by equipping them to minister to others.

We will fulfill this vision and mission by:

  • First and foremost loving students unconditionally where they are.
  • Creating a relevant and relational environment
  • Communicating to each student their value to God and to the student leaders
  • Providing opportunities for each student to understand and experience a true relationship with God through Jesus Christ
  • Facilitating and nurturing healthy relationships between students and their families
  • Helping students develop skills and knowledge for continued growth toward spiritual maturity and ministry within the Body of Christ
  • Providing training events and conferences to the student leaders to educate them in student ministry
  • Equipping and encouraging students to continue their faith journey after high school
  • Providing opportunities for students to serve Christ through different mission projects both foreign and domestic

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Denton Hickman – Youth Director