Fellowship Class

The focus of the Fellowship Class is on worshipping the Lord and studying His word.  We consider ourselves to be youth oriented, but not at the expense of other missions of the church.

We are a group of congenial men learning about Christ and Christian beliefs.  We believe in social and religious equality and expect each one to voice his opinions and ideas.  We are not a stereotypical Sunday School class, for we do not subscribe to age limits (we span ages 40-89), elected officers, etc.. We fit well within the parameters of Baptist Sunday School classes.  The class is well over 50 years old.  Some of the past teachers are; Carlos Hart, Otis Collins, Claude Boling, Jim Cole, Robbie Beam, Joe Black, and Robert (Buddy) Beam.  Current teachers are Coy Freeman, Clyde Thompson and Phil Hatcher.

We cordially invite you to visit our class.  We meet in last room on right in the Fellowship Hall.