Mr. Ray Hubbs – Music Minister

With a background in directing music ministries for more than 20 years, Ray Hubbs has served as Minister of Music at Inskip Baptist Church since 2005.  Ray is very passionate about his love for God and uses his personal gift of music to minister to God’s people.  He encourages those already serving in the music ministry to expand their relationship with God by joining him in leading one-on-one experiences with God in all worship services, thus serving the congregation on a larger scale.

In addition to his ministry at Inskip, Ray is a 29-year veteran of the Department of Energy’s Safeguards and Security Organization.  Starting as a Security Police Officer, Ray was promoted through the ranks and ended his career in the Protective Force at Commander.  Certified Master Protection Specialist, Ray now serves WSI Oak Ridge, the Department of Energy, and the National Nuclear Security Administration as Manager of Information Security and Chief Inquiry Official for Incidents of Security Concern.

A native of Knoxville, Ray and his wife Valinda make their home in Powell, Tenn.