A brief history of Inskip Baptist Church from its early beginnings January 1919 when Rev. J. H. Snow, superintendent of Enlistment of Knox county Association of Baptist visited Inskip in the interest of organizing a Baptist Church.

April 3,1919 A Women’s missionary Society was begun with five members, Mrs. John Watson, Mrs. Edd Tillery, Mrs. Herman Leopold, Mrs. John Price, and Mrs. Charles A Child, meeting in the home of Mrs. Child.

May 11,1919 A Sunday School was started, meeting in the Inskip school building, with Charles A Child elected superintendent.

June 8,1919  On Sunday at 3:00 P.M. an organizational meeting was held in the auditorium of Inskip school, with the purpose of forming a Baptist Church in the community. Having been examined to their views of doctrine and church policy, it was recommended that they proceed. Thus, with a brief impressive charge and a prayer for God’ blessings, Inskip Baptist was organized with eighteen charter members:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Child, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Johnson, Mrs. W. H. Johnson, C. L. Kidd Mrs. Sterling Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F

Milligan, Mrs. Ellen Moore, Charles H. Patty, Mrs. R. C. Wallace, Mrs. J. G. Watson, Miss Olla Watson, Mrs. Amanda Watts, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Wilson ( Mr. W. H. Johnson was unable to attend, But joined the church at that evening service).

June 9, 1919 At the first business meeting, three trustees were elected: Charles A Child, C. H. Patty and G. W. Johnson. On what is now Rowan Road, two acres of land was bought from Dr.  J. B. Parker for the site of the new church. The cost was $1500.

June 30,1919 The first deacon, W. H. Johnson was elected. The first deacon’s  ordained by the church were G. W. Johnson and Charles F. Milligan.

September 21, 1919 The first pastor, Rev. W. M. Thomas, was elected.

October 1, 1919 At an associational meeting at Dumpling Creek Baptist Church, Inskip Church was admitted to the Knox County Association of Baptist.

October 8, 1920 Construction was started on the cinder-block church. The corner stone contained a Bible, The Baptist & Reflector, a daily newspaper, history of the church and a silver coin dated 1920. The building cost $ 12,724.

April 3, 1921 The church congregation met, one last time, at Inskip school. They formally thanked the school board, then marched as a body to the new building. Sunday School opened there at 9:30 A.M. with 188 present

May 1923 Rev W. D. Hutton was called as pastor.

April 1930 All church debt was paid and new pews were purchased, replacing chairs.

April 1930 Rev. A. C. Hutton, from Winchester. Kentucky, was called as pastor.

March 23 1941 The church library was formally opened, with approximately 100 donated books. properly classified, filed and housed in one book case.

October 3, 1945 Rev. Luther C. Rule was called as pastor. Having served over 17 years, this beloved man died of a heart attack on February 8, 1963.

March 1947 With membership growing, the church voted to  buy lots across the street for erection of a new building.

July 4, 1948 The congregation met in the cinder block church, thanked God for His rich blessings, They marched across the street for the first service in the new church at 4810 Rowan Road The Approximate cost of the building was $200.000.

November 1954 The church transepts and educational unit were completed. ( The cost of building the transepts was $33,172; the educational unit $63,576.)

December 1956 The old church building was sold to the Tennessee Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church for $5,300.

July 14,1963 Rev. Robert A. Sanders was called as pastor.

July 3, 1983 Rev. Bruce Marston was called as pastor.

September 11, 1988 Rev. Donald Morris was called as pastor.

September 26, 1993 Rev. Ernest Condee was called as pastor.

February 14, 1999 Rev. Mike Segers, our present pastor was called. He had already served as interim pastor since June of 1998.

Interim pastors who have served Inskip Baptist Church are Dr. L. T. Hastings, Rev. Dillard Mynatt, Rev. Clarence Jett, Rev. Bob Peek

Rev. Mike Segers.

Ministers ordained by Inskip Baptist are B. H. Bean, Jimmy McCulla, Bob Walden, Haskell Bolding, Jim Wilcox, Chuck Sayne and Denton Hickman.

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